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Maintenance Tips & Care

Water Dispensers on your refrigerator at home is a convenient way to access to drinkable water for you and your family. Follow these tips to ensure the benefits.


Why should you change filters on your fridge?

Water Contaminates adhere to the filters carbon block.  Changing the water filter on your refrigerator can ensure the water & ice dispenses and provides you and your family the best water quality.


When to change your filter?

You’ll notice the changes below when your water filter is expired:


Taste & Odour Changes

Cloudy Ice

Slow Flow

Health & Safety


FridgeFilterz is affordable and reliable solution to ensure the freshness of the water from your fridge. 

Find out where your water filter is

We’re proud that CertifiedPure are 100% compatible and fit just like the original filters.
Depending on the brand of your fridge, the water dispenser filter is located on a few possible locations.

The upper right corner of the refrigerator compartment. OR
In the center of the ceiling of the refrigerator compartment


Upper right hand inside corner of the refrigerator. OR Upper right back corner inside the compartment.


The upper right corner of the refrigerator liner OR In the water supply line leading to the refrigerator.


In the base grill on the freezer side. OR The upper right corner of the refrigerator side


You can check your fridge brands to know more information on water filters. 






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