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The pureness of our nature.

We’re the developers and manufacturers of a growing line of innovative, powerful and smart filter solutions.


CertifiedPure are tested by an ANSI ACCREDITED INDEPENDENT TESTING FACILITY to meet NSF/ANSI standard for Cyst, Standard 42 & 53, Particulate Class I, to ensure that you are getting a SAFE, Quality product. WE DO NOT PERFORM OUR OWN TESTS; our filters do meet or exceed the OEM’s.

All CertifiedPure reduce chlorine taste and odour and are Particulate Class I, the highest level particulate filtration. The advanced filter block technology used in the CertifiedPure Refrigerator Cyst water filter not only traps and contains impurities and contaminants such as chlorine, so you are assured of clean and odour free water. Depending on the filter, the carbon block filters out cysts (parasites and/or coliform bacteria that could be present in your drinking water), refer to Product Details for filter specifications.


We warmly invite Wholesalers, Distributors and Retailers to contact us directly to learn more about our suite of products, and inquire about other details.